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 ZR-1 Net Archives all the past emails posted to the ZR-1 Net. Great way to search for ZR-1 answers and information.

ZR-1 Net Saloon

The ZR-1 Net Saloon is just a virtual place members go to relax have a beer and swap stories, no politics, just friends having a good time.



Join the  ZR-1 Net a FREE ZR-1 information service or internet club. There is no sign up fee or monthly dues required. The goal of the ZR-1 Net is to connect ZR-1 owners from all over the world by way of the Internet and to preserve the ZR-1 legend. The ZR-1 Net is a support mechanism to help ZR-1 owners when and if they should encounter a problem with their ZR-1. You'll find the ZR-1 Net can be a wealth of information. We have some extremely technical and knowledgeable Corvette people actively involved on this net. We currently have over 600 members.

As a ZR-1 Net Member you can be proud of the many accomplishments of the ZR-1 Net and its Members. Click HERE to see the History of the ZR-1 Net.

You connect via Email,  you are added to a Listserver and to ask a question all you have to do is send your question to an email address that will be provided.

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7/16/13 - Article Problems with Removal of Radio Control Assembly

Video Guldstrand GS90: The Corvette ZR-1 in Apogee

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