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  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Made from Hi-impact copolymers
  • Manufactured by The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Modular Flooring
  • 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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    RaceDeck is the premier manufacturer of interlocking modular automotive garage flooring for both Residential garage floors and Commercial garage floors. RaceDeck is an American garage flooring manufacturer of premium flooring.

    We have flooring for Trade Shows, Basements, Pool Areas, Trailers, Showers, and more! 

    RaceDeck tiles come with a 10 or 15 year limited warranty

    The undisputed industry leader with more modular auto garage floors sold and installed than all other competitors combined. Six styles and over 14 standard colors to choose from.

    With RaceDeck there is no need for messy epoxy coatings or garage paint that takes days to prep and install. Just snap in your garage tiles in a few hours in any type of weather to create the ultimate garage.

    We sell several types of flooring tiles for use both indoors and outdoors

    The floor tiles are made of polypropylene that lock together tight. These panels are not affected by oil, grease, chemicals, or petroleum products. RaceDeck tiles have a vehicle roll load rating in excess of 50,000 lbs!

    The tiles are available in 1 foot square (12"x12"x1/2") and 18" square (18"x18"x1/2")  interlocking  panels. They are easy to install with just a rubber hammer and can be cut as easy as a piece of wood.

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    Check here to get some ideas on Floor Design

    For more info check out SnapLock's website RaceDeck

    For installation instructions check out Install Instructions

    For help in designing your new garage floor check out the Floor Designer



    Notice the "Female" loops on the tiles go in the direction you lay the tiles down.

    You can create any size floor and are available in several colors. You can mix and match colors to create any design you like.

    With SnapLock there is no need to prep the garage floor. You don't have the issues with crack cement floors, peeling paint, or peeling and staining vinyl tiles.

    With SnapLock tiles you can build a stand alone floor for car shows or trade shows  or try the new "TuffShield" tiles that have a gloss finish. Just snap them together and unsnap them at the end of the show. SnapLock floor tiles have an optional  Edge and Corner Pieces to give you that finished look.







    1. Tile 12" x 12" x 1/2"
    2. Female Loop
    3. Male Peg 
    4. Female Edge 12" x 2"
    5. Male Edge 12" x 2"
    6. Corner Piece*


    * Corner pieces are made for outside corners only.

    Underside of Snaplock Flooring  

    From Sept 2008 Issue of Handyman Magazine: (Best Garage Floors)

     Floor Type  PROs  CONs  Price  Misc
     RaceDeck  Easy to install, extreme weight loads, easy to replace a tile. Many colors. Won't chip.  Cost  $2.50 - $4.25 sq ft  We have them here starting at $2.25
     Rollout Mats  Easy to install Can stain from hot tires & chemicals. Slippery, cuts easy  $2.50 - $ 4.00 sq ft  
     Vinyl tile  Cheap, many colors Need to clean and degreased concrete floor, need to apply adhesive wait 1 week and apply 3 coats of sealer. Doesn't like cold weather. Slippery and stains.  $.29 - $4.00 sq foot  
     Concrete Stain  Cheap Need to clean and degreased concrete floor, apply 1 or 2 coats of urethane sealer. May need to wax once a year and touch up stain and reseal every 2 years.   $.20 - $.85 sq ft  
     Concrete Paint  Cheap

    Need to clean and degreased concrete floor, vulnerable to road salts and other chemicals.  Need to touch up every year or two. 

     $.15 sq ft for 1 coat  
     Epoxy Paint  Cheap Need to clean and degreased concrete floor. Can't drive on it for a week. Need to recoat every 3 to 5 years.  $.30 - $1.50 sq ft  


    Feedback from Customers:

    - "The dark and light gray is a pretty subtle look so I did the 1X1 squares.  Looks great with my silver Boxster on it! Thanks again." Bob


    - "Everything arrived as promised." J.K.

    - "Thanks again for your business. As promised, here are a few pictures from the tradeshow with the tiles! Enjoy! We'll be in touch in the future for our next tradeshows, which will be coming up soon.  Anyway, everybody loved the floor!" N.V.

    - "I  have three words for your business . . . FAB  YOU  LOUS!" C.W.

    - "Just wanted to include a picture of my install.  Thanks again for your excellent service. " K.L.

    - "the tiles look outstanding, and they cap off my winter project of upgrading my garage." C.F.

    - "duragrid received and installed in pool house.  Another great result,  although not photogenic enough for your website.  That material cuts very easily-  I was trimming it easily with tin snips.  I was able to install the material all around some pipes and the hot water heater with no difficulty." C.A.

    - "I received my order last Monday, just when you said it would arrive.  The order was correct and had no damage.  I installed the floor over the past few days and it looks great.  Thanks for the great price and the great service." J.K.

    - "My garage looks awesome, I don't want to park anything in it because it looks so good!!" B.C.

    - "Received the material yesterday and installed last night. This is the greatest product since the wheel! Very pleased." C.G.

    - "Thanks again for your help making my dream garage a reality!" S.G.

    - "Thanks for the great service.  Exactly what we needed.  Received as promised." J.K.

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