Frequently Asked Questions

How long has RaceDeck been around?

We’ve been producing flooring for about 40 years and we are the inventors of the modular garage flooring industry you see today. The RaceDeck product is in its second decade with tens of millions of feet installed worldwide. We are a family company that produce the highest quality products, all made right here in the USA. Unlike other companies in this industry, we engineer and build our own molds as well as manufacture all of our own flooring products at our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. No other company can make this statement, at least not truthfully.

What Makes RaceDeck Garage Floors Stand Above All Others?

With 18 current patents and dozens more pending, RaceDeck offers the highest quality and most extensive line-up of modular garage flooring the world over. Each RaceDeck garage floor is engineered to outperform all others in the harsh garage environment. We use the best available materials and most advanced, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes available.

What is the RaceDeck PowerLock® System?

Our patented interlocking system is the culmination of nearly 40 years of engineering and manufacturing premium modular flooring.

We have invented, developed, tried, and tested every possible lock style and quantities of locks with our flooring. We tried two, three, four, five, six, seven and even eight locks per side. Forty years of trial and error has taught us “The Power Of 4”. Four PowerLocks per side on all four sides of each module is the magic combination for ease of installation, durability, thermal expansion and integration with the under substructure. Don’t be misled, It’s not the number of locks, but the superior performance of the PowerLocks themselves.

Another key benefit of our PowerLock system is the engaged locks become part of the entire substructure, making the entire garage floor one integrated system.

What is the RaceDeck patent substructure all about?

RaceDeck is a full suspension garage floor that is engineered to handle extreme loads while also allowing air and moisture to flow freely underneath, preventing odor causing mold and mildew.
Our patented substructure will handle vehicle rolling loads in excess of 80,000 pounds without any damage to the floor. Whether you have heavy tool chests, 4-post lifts, or just your prized ride, RaceDeck will handle it all. The substructure is channeled to allow moisture and air to circulate so you never have odor causing mold and mildew.

How Easy is RaceDeck garage flooring to install?

It’s very easy! We engineered RaceDeck to be a true D-I-Y garage flooring system. In as little as two hours you can transform your garage into a showplace. See our installation page: http://www.racedeck.com/installation.html

Can I remove a single module or section within the floor?

Yes! Our PowerLocks can be released with a simple putty knife. See out video on “How To Replace & Remove A Single Garage Tile”

Will My Garage Floor Stain If I Spill Oil or Grease on it?

We use only the best high-impact copolymers when we manufacture our modular floor - no rubber, no PVC, no fillers, no foaming agents. This means your floor will not stain from any petroleum products spilled on it.


Why RaceDeck? (Us vs. Them)

RaceDeck : 100% USA Made - When we say "USA Made" we mean it. Our floors are designed, engineered, tooled, molded, and manufactured under one roof in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • THEM : Virtually every competitor outsources their molding and manufacturing overseas. Quality, long-lasting, floors result from a combination of flawless manufacture and the best materials. Our multi-patented manufacturing process assures our floors have no flaws or weak points, which inevitably cause cracking and breaking later on. Our competitors fall behind in both manufacturing and materials.

RaceDeck : Superior Molding Technology - We have over 34 years experience in modular flooring manufacture. In that time, we have developed proprietary processes that result in the most durable floors in the world. Our patented single flow injection molding system ensures material flows consistently throughout the mold from a single point, leaving no break or flow points. This process is expensive, but the results are invaluable.

  • THEM : Inferior products are made using a multi-point injection technique. With this process, material is injected at several points throughout the mold and flows unevenly until it hits the next mass of material and hardens, leaving severe structural flaws. Because of these flaws, multi-point injection molded floors can be easily cracked or damaged, even by gentle bending.

RaceDeck : PowerLock™ System : RaceDeck’s multi-patented PowerLock™ System is engineered to handle the heaviest loads. When engaged, the locks actually become part of the superstructure, strengthening the floor.  What’s more, the PowerLock™ System lets the floor expand and contract naturally in garages with big temperature variations.

  • THEM : Many of our competitor’s floors do not have true positive locking systems. Instead, they have  flimsy “locking mechanisms” on the outer wall of each tile which loosely hook the modules together. These do not actually lock the tiles together, nor do they provide structural support or allow for expansion and contraction. Our competitor’s products simply cannot compete with ours because we hold the patent on the PowerLock™ System.

RaceDeck : Our flooring withstands rolling vehicle loads in excess of 50,000 pounds - The industry’s toughest!

  • THEM : No other flooring system comes close to the RaceDeck line up in terms of sheer strength.

RaceDeck : We use premium grade high-impact copolymers in our manufacturing process. This means no fillers, foam agents, lead, or other foreign materials compromise the integrity of our flooring. This ensures they hold up in even the harshest garages.

  • THEM : In an effort to save money and hide design flaws, many of our competitors use fillers and foam agents in their products. This comes at a huge cost to the quality and structural integrity of the flooring. Some imported products have also been known to contain toxic lead.

RaceDeck : We are the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of modular garage flooring and the creators of the modular garage flooring industry you see today. We produce more modular flooring each month than our competitors produce in a year - combined! We have manufactured over 100 million feet of flooring since we began.

  • THEM : No one has been in business longer than us. Many have come and gone and left their customers without warranties or customer service. Many of these companies disappeared because their products lacked the quality and consistency RaceDeck provides.


    Are the tiles Costco sells RaceDeck tiles and aren't they the same?



    The tiles Costco sells are from RaceDeck but they are not exactly the same.

    The differences are:

    - They are a little thinner then the standard RaceDeck tiles. So they don't offer the same weight load.

    - They have a different Diamond pattern so if you were to buy the Costco tiles and then later buy the regular RaceDeck tiles the patterns would not match up.

    Other differences are Costco only offers 2 colors, the standard RaceDeck tiles offers 14 colors. Costco the minium buy is one case or 48 tiles. With the standard RaceDeck tiles you can buy as little as 1 tile.

    If Costco stops selling the tiles where are you going to get replacement or additional tiles?

    Standard RaceDeck tile on LEFT and Costco tile on RIGHT.



      What are the tiles made of?
    They are made of Polypropylene, a non-porous, high-density composite polymer that is not affected by solvents, gasoline, or automotive chemicals. They are made in the USA of virgin raw product, not recycled plastic. Some other competitors’ products can be made of ABS or PVC plastic which is cheaper to manufacture but will not withstand the kind of weight or strong solvents that RaceDeck will. Polypropylene is used in many automotive applications such as fuel tanks and many of the plastic components in the engine compartment.
      Can I drive on the RaceDeck tiles?
    Yes. In fact, they are in use at several facilities where fork lifts or 45,000lb Fire Trucks are being driven on them daily. RaceDeck has a very high weight roll-capacity.
      Can I use a floor jack or jack stands on the floors?
    Yes. Vehicles can be supported on work stands on RaceDeck. Jack-stands with sharp bottom edges should have some form of protection under them to prevent gouging into the tile. Floor jacks are also no problem as well as engine stands, etc.
      How do the tiles disassemble?
    Always pull the male "peg" out from female "loop", or you can break a part the tiles at the joint bending the tiles "back-to-back". You can break apart the tiles by holding the finish side up and breaking them at the seam over your knee. You'll not harm tile locks by disassembling this way, but NEVER fold them "face-to-face". This breaks locking loops and will void the warranty.
      How long will it take to install a floor?
    A typical 400 sq. ft. garage floor can be installed by two experienced people in about 2-3 hours, including cutting. A 400 sq. ft. floor without cutting and installing the edge trim can be done in less time.
      Can I mix and match different types of tiles together? What if I want to change the design later or need to replace a damaged tile in the middle of the floor?
    Yes, all of the RaceDeck line of tiles can be interchanged with each other. If tiles become damaged for some reason, they can be quickly replaced by working from an outside edge and working toward the tile to be replaced. A broom handle works very well in unlocking a row of joints toward the tile.
      Do the floor tiles require glues or adhesives?
    No. There is no adhesive or glue required. In fact, because polypropylene is a dense non-porous product, it is very "Teflon"-like. Glue will not adhere to the RaceDeck tiles. RaceDeck is designed to be free-floating floor that can be easy and quickly removed for repairs, cleaning, or storage.
      What floor prep is needed before installing the floor tiles?
    General cleaning and sweeping is usually all that is required. The surface must be free of dirt and debris, and any protrusions should be removed by grinding, etc. Racedeck can be installed over epoxy, asphalt, painted floors, and even cracked concrete floors.
      Can RaceDeck be installed by the Homeowner?
    Yes. With a few simple hand and cutting tools, RaceDeck is easily installed by the Homeowner. In fact, we often hear about floors being installed with a homeowner's assistant being under 10 years old! Cutting the tiles are simple using the same tools you would cutting a piece of wood.
      Will RaceDeck warp?
    No. It is has a 15 limited year warranty against warping, fading, and breaking. It is UV stable and will not fade under direct sunlight.
      Does RaceDeck also come with holes?
    RaceDeck has two styles of solid-top floor tiles, as well as two styles of "Free-flow" tiles. Free-flow tiles are ideal in locations where moisture is present in the concrete.
      What if I have a fluid spill? Will it leak between the joints?
    While RaceDeck tile joints are very tight, a large fluid spill may work between the joints. Generally, most liquids will evaporate into the concrete floor. RaceDeck has an anti-microbal additive incorporated into it during manufacturing which inhibits mold and mildew, but severe case of moisture content will require a Free-flow tile be installed. Also, because RaceDeck does not rely upon adhesives to maintain its integrity like epoxy coatings or stick-on or glue down vinyl tiles, water or moisture under the RaceDeck tiles will not cause a major floor failure if the floor is flooded with water. In the event that a garage floor is flooded with water, the RaceDeck floor is easily unsnapped into smaller sections and can be removed for water cleanup. The floor is then replaced in just a matter of minutes and without the need for a major repair associated with other types of floor coverings which may take days to complete.
      Can I get custom colors?
    Yes, custom colors are available with a minimum order of 1,000 tiles. RaceDeck is already available in 14 different colors, so there are plenty of colors to choose from. Lead time on custom colors is 3-4 weeks.
      What other applications can RaceDeck be used for?
    RaceDeck is also available in a "Fastdeck" version that can be rolled up using a "live-hinge" system. FastDeck is available in all colors and can be manufactured with or without holes for drainage. Free-flow tiles are available in 5 different designs, ranging from hard polypropylene tiles for garage/vehicle use, to soft vinyl "Comfort" tiles suitable for patio decking, locker-rooms, pools, spas, restaurant matting, and even kennels and dairies. Free-flow tiles are ideal for wet locations where water drainage is desirable. RaceDeck is also available in a decorative laminated version that is commonly used in car-show applications, trade-show and exhibit flooring.
    • How do I clean my RaceDeck Floor?

    Keeping your RaceDeck garage floor looking new year after year is easy. Because RaceDeck is made with non porous high-impact polymers, it resists stains from all petroleum products, anti-freeze, brake fluid and most household chemicals. This means if your garage floor gets dirty, its on the surface not in it, unlike paints , epoxies, and VCT tiles that stain.

    We recommend using any non-sudsing ammonia cleaner to wipe away scuff marks, RaceDeck offers a commercial grade cleaning line as well. You really want to stay away from cleaners that leave a residue or film after you have cleaned ( Ex; Simply Green ), as it will act like a magnet for dust and debris. For stubborn grease and tire marks you can simply take a rag with a small bit of solvent on it ( such as Goof Off, Mineral Spirits, etc)  and rub off and dry. * only use a few drops on a rag and clean one small area at a time.